Ukhrul`s favourite dish off the menu


By R Lester Makang

UKHRUL, March 13: The sudden disappearance of pork from all butchers in Ukhrul town has hit hard Ukhrulites as most house holds here have to forego their special dish item in their main meals since the past few days.

Expressing helplessness in the matter, president of the Ukhrul Town Meat Sellers Association (UTMSA), Suisa said that all the meat sellers here have stopped stocking/selling pork as there has arisen some differences over the price with their agents /suppliers operating from Imphal.

Quoting sources from the pig suppliers, Suisa maintained that those agents are facing rate hike in whole sales at Imphal.

“Till recently a Kg of pork cost Rs.200 at Ukhrul but now these suppliers have to pay the same rate to whole sellers at Imphal so they could not procure the livestock unless the rate is revised at the local market, ” he said.

According to Suisa, the situation is further compounded by the lack of adequate piggery farming here which could supply livestock to the local butchers.

“Our trade has been affected by this development,” he said while adding “We are suffering and so are the public.”

Meanwhile, in the absence of the most savoured pork, beef and chicken continue to be the only choice among the meat consumers in the town.

Stopping short of announcing a price hike, he said that there is no immediate decision to hike the rate, while adding “we have nonetheless petitioned the authority concerned for revision of the rate.”

At the same time, the scarcity of this local delicacy has given rise to some speculations among the people that a hike in the price of this particular meat is imminent.

“This is the tactic to bring up the price of any commodities /items here. Take an item out of stock for a while, make the public thirst for it and bring it back in stock with a higher price,” said a resident of Phungreitang.


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