UNC should be declared as unlawful organisation: L Ibomcha


IMPHAL, March 3: “In connection with the issue of Alternative Arrangement, the statement of the United Naga Council (UNC) ‘the Meitei and Naga are not possible for social co-existence’ was found publishing in the news papers. Such statement is an unfortunate utterance from such social organisation which might provoke hatred between the two communities and this organisation should be announced as unlawful organisation under the law of the country.”

The statement was made in the last day of the 7th session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly during zero hour by the NCP MLA of Keishamthong Kendra L Ibomcha on Monday.

Apart from it, the MLA also said that there is lot of inconveniences owing to single bench of the Manipur High Court while a litigant have to go to Supreme Court of India for a particular case as there is no double bench. In this connection, the MLA Ibomcha drew the attention of the House to sanction necessary posts for the High Court of Manipur.

During the zero hour, the All India Trinamool Congress MLA of Andro Kendra has also drawn attention of the House on the issue of arresting one person in Churchandpur district by a team of Mizoram police on February 20 last without getting permission from the High Court of Manipur.

Taking advantage of the zero hour, the members of the House such as P Brojen Singh, Kh Joykisan, Nunghleng Victor and I Ibohalbi Singh were also raised various issues.


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