Yangmaso Shaiza`s vision for Manipur deliberated


IMPHAL, March  9: The United All Communities’ Social Up-lifters, Kangleipak (UNACSU) organized a one day seminar on Yangmaso Shaiza and his Manipur at Gandhi Memorial Hall today.

Speaking at the function school administrator, The Little Angel School, Ukhrul, Soso Shaiza daughter in law of the former state chief minister, said Yangmaso Shaiza was one of the few leaders in Manipur who was deeply admired, respected and loved by all communities and tribes of Manipur, and added that communalism, tribalism, parochialism was alien to him.

Elaborating on the life of the leader, she continued that he was born on July 15, 1923 in Ukhrul district and was the first chief minister from the hills and the first son of Shangyang Shaiza.

Further elaborating she said that in 1971, he contested the 5th Lok Sabha election as an Independent candidate and was defeated.

When Manipur was granted full statehood in 1972 he contested from Ukhrul AC and became an MLA.

In the year 1974, he won again from Manipur Hills Union (MHU) which was founded by him and later became the first chief minister of the state from the hills.

She further said that he was a dynamic and a far sighted leader and, as a CM he was convinced that the only way to maintain peace and harmony in the state was to reach out benefits to the remotest parts of the state and to bring development in both hills and valley.

Senior journalist, AK Sanaton said that Yangmaso Shaiza was also one among the eminent persons of the state who work for the up liftmen and welfare of the people cutting across the communities residing in the state.

He further said that during his lifetime he had always showed concerned of the territorial integrity of the state and to bring unity among all communities.

Chief editor, ISTV, Brojendro Ningomba opined that he joined politics to bring unity amongst the people cutting across community lines.

During his period for the development of Meitei Mayek he gave many contributions and recognition of 27 letters of Meitei Mayek in a gazette was during his CM period. 


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