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Andro MLA mocks Ngamthang Haokip`s Singda statement

IMPHAL, April 27: Andro MLA Th Shyamkumar reacted strongly against the IFC minister Ngamthang Haokip’s statement on Singda Dam terming it “an irresponsible statement.”

Speaking to media persons during a press meet convened at his official residence, Shyamkumar observed that it was due to negligence of the PHED and IFCD of the state, that people in the state are suffering today.

Condemning further the minister’s statement that Singda Dam has water for 20 days, the MLA scorned that statement tantamount to a “mockery” of the people’s plight.

It may be mentioned that the IFC minister had asked the people not to panic on the present water scarcity issue, as the Singda Dam still has reserved water density to last 20 days and had anticipated that the coming of rains will certainly come to the rescue.

The Andro MLA had also questioned on whether the present government and the concerned authorities like PHED or IFCD has been running their affairs based on the seasonal cycle.

He continued that till date the departments concerned have also failed to take up any measure to preserve the wastage of water.



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