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Profile of Dr HH Mate by Jimmy Leivon

Dr Houlim Hemkholun Mate popularly known as H.H Mate is a man with a unique quality not describable by words alone. He is an eminent Educationist, Social Worker, Scientist, Spiritual man and what more? It`s hard to believe how one man can wear all these caps in his one lifetime.

Born on September 15, 1957 at Lamjang Village, Tengnoupal sub-division of Chandel District, Dr Mate is the eldest child of 8 siblings (5 brothers and 4 sisters). His father is a retired pastor of KBC India.

Dr. Mate is known to the people through his unceasing social works. He has also been conferred various important recognitions and awards by the National and International community for his multi role contribution to the society. Dr. Mate finished his bachelor`s degree in Science (Physics Honours) 2nd Class under Manipur University; Bachelor degree in Electronics and Telecommunication under AMIETE, New Delhi (1989); Master of Science (Physics) passed in 1st class under Osmania University, Hyderabad (AP) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Osmania University Hyderabad, (AP). He is also a Post Graduate diploma in Business and Industrial Management and Post graduate Diploma in Journalism. Apart from Educational and Technical degrees Dr. Mate also earned a diploma in Bible, passed in first class from IBCS (New York), NLCS (Norway) and NEIBBCS Silchar

Every degree or diploma earned, he made it worth as none of it goes wasted and he continue to make good use of it. He has written many books/thesis/project works both in English and Thadou (Local dialect of the Kuki) in various subjects such as Education, Economics, Science and Technology and still counting.

He started his schooling in 1962 at the age of five and continued it not for himself but for his parents’ sake. He had not yet realised the value of education till then. In the year 1975 he came to attend Bethany Christian School and was admitted to class 5. Mate said, “it was there that I was mentally awakened by someone deep inside me and started to realise the value of education”, I newly reformed my educational careers in high schools, colleges and in University till I completed my PhD in 1999″.

In 1989-91 he worked as a Junior Scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), New Delhi. Then he was an Instrumental Engineer, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Indian Research Officer, (Telecommunication Wing), Central Water (1991) and Power Research Station, Pune, (93-98). Similar to the 1975 awakening another reformation took place in his life that changed the whole course of his life. That was in July 1989 while he was on a trip to New York. He recounted the night he had a vision in his dream of an old man in the busy street of New York calling out to him by his full name very fluently that he was taken by surprise and curiosity. The old man asked him to kneel before him and said he will be blessed and would guide him where no one of his family has ever been before. The old man in his dream turned out to be Albert Einstein who asked him to impart his knowledge to the society in the field of Social, Education, Science and Technology and Ornithology. However he negotiated the fourth subject as he did not have any knowledge about it.

Since the second awakening he started writing books, thesis, and research reports which made a lasting impression in his life. The visions were turning into reality when for the first time he was conferred with the Bharat Excellence Award in the year 1997, by FFI New Delhi. He may possibly be the only person with so many awards and honours in the entire North Eastern State. He received over 17 National awards, 7 international awards and 4 district and state level awards in the field of Education and Literature, Journalism, Science and Technology, Child Welfare etc.

In his response to the reason behind acquiring so many degrees despite his high Doctorate degree, Dr. Mate said that all these are in honour to his father. The first factor is that his father was an orphan who always has the enthusiasm for studying. Unlike himself, his father, however, was unable to fulfill his own dreams due to the pressure from his elders who insisted that as an orphan one must work and earn a living to sustain one`s life. Dr. Mate says that his father always wanted him to become well educated as the eldest child of the family. According to him another factor was that his father always advised him that he should complete bachelor degree if he chose general line and BE if he chose technical line. “However I have pushed myself to a further step in honour of him”, he said.

There is no words like “quitting or retirement” in the dictionary of Dr. Mate. He vows to continue with his work and researches until his last breathe. His ideology is: never to waste the wisdom and knowledge one`s earned, it should be imparted and made good use for the betterment of the society. Currently he is researching on Child Development and working on to bring a new and innovative idea in Electronic application.

Considered to be among the eminent educationist of the world, he has written many books for schooling purpose besides thesis and research papers and presented them in many seminars and conventions around the world. He established the Christian English High School, Sikul and Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Foundation School, Tuibuong, Churachandpur district. As a journalist he has a reputed name in Manipur Journalism, he has contributed about 730 articles so far.

With all this multi role and busy schedule he manages to keep going ahead. The secret behind the success according to him are with the blessing of God and secretly he burns his midnight oil when the rest of the world is asleep.

He gives his utmost credit to God for his sound health and mind which enables him to perform great things for the nation. Secondly his father and mother, who unceasingly pray for his studies and services till date and last but not the least to his wife who is always ready to assists him time.

He got married in January 19, 2000. He and his family, wife Kimjalham and four children are currently staying at Tuiboung, Churachandpur running the Dr. Radhakrishnan Foundation School.


A. International awards and honours

American Medal of Honour ABI (NCUSA) 2003 Gold Medal

International Excellence Gold Star Award NIED (London, England) 1998 Cash

International Millennium Gold Star Award IFNRI (Bangkok, Thailand) 2000 Cash

Man of the year Award ABI (NC, USA) 2003 Citation + Cash

Pride of India Award & Gold Medal FFI (Washington, USA) 1999 Cash + Gold Medal

UNICEF Award UNICEF (Paris, France) 1998 Cash

World Medal of Honour ABI (NC, USA) 2004 Gold Medal


Bal Sahyog Award UCM (New Delhi) 2000 Gold Trophy +Certificate

Bharat Exellence Award FFI (New Delhi) 1997 Gold Trophy + Certificate

Bharat Gaurav Award IIF (New Delhi) 1997 Gold Trophy+ Certificate

Bharat Jyoti Award IIFS (New Delhi) 2000 Gold Trophy + Certificate

Bharat Shiksha Ratna Award GSHEG (Delhi) 2010 Gold Trophy + Cash

Best Citizen of India Award IPH (New Delhi) 1998 Gold Trophy

Communal Harmony Award NFCH (Mumbai) 1999 Cash + Citatioin

Devoted Teacher Award & Silver Medal SFS (Mansarovar, Rajasthan) 1998 Silver Medal+ Certificate

Glory of India Award & Gold Medal FFI (Banglore) 1997 Gold Trophy & Gold Medal

Journalism Award IPPH (New Delhi) 1997 Cash + Certificate

Man of Achievement Award IPH (New Delhi) 1999 Citation+ Volume

Millennium Achiever Award & Gold Medal IISA (New Delhi) 2000 Gold Medal + Citation

National Child Welfare Award DSWCD (Mumbai) 2004 Cash +Citation

Paryavaran Dronacharya Award & Gold Medal ICWESSAR (Jaipur) 1998 Silver Medal + Certificate

Vanyajeeva Dronacharya Award & Silver Medal ICWESSAR (Jaipur) 2006 Silver Medal + Certificate

Vikas Ratna Award IEF (New Delhi) 1998 Cash + Certificate

Vijay Ratna Award IIFS (New Delhi) 1998 Gold Trophy + Certificate


Famous Writer Award Kuki Students` Organisation, (C.C.Pur) 2001

Good Reader Award Reader`s Digest, India (Mumbai) 1999

Life Dedicated Service Award DSRFS (Churchandpur) 2009

State Teachers` Award Dept. of Edn.(s) Govt, of Manipur,(Imphal) 2003

The Contemporary Who`s Who ABI (North Carolina, USA) 2003

The Indian Personalities UCM (New Delhi) 2005


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