Chief`s 12-hour bandh brings CCpur to a halt


LAMKA, April 3: The 12 hour hills districts bandh imposed by tribal chiefs   brought Churachandpur to a halt.

The All Tribal Chief Forum, Manipur  and United Chief Forum had called the 12 hour bandh in all hill districts of the state from 6am to 6pm today.

Media persons were however, reportedly harassed by bandh supporters in the district which shows the complete lack of control over the volunteers by the leaders.

Shops remained closed and streets were deserted in Lamka town.

The Chief’s Forum/ Union spokesman Lalmalsawm, this morning, reiterated to stick to their demands.

He said their ultimatum of April 5, 2014 for the govt to comply to their demand is final and after which, if no  result/assurance  ,at least in writing, was given by the govt, they will not let any activity of the Congress Party in their respective villages which will be a total boycott of Congress party and their candidates.

Meanwhile, a 35 year old identified as Janngam son of Lunlal of K Thenjang Village was injured on his head at Torbung of Kangvai around 10.30 am in a melee following police resorting to firing tear gas shells to control bandh supporters.

He was treated at the district hospital.   

Witnesses said that the action at Torbung  was perpetrated by the BSF personnel who were backed by the Manipur Police who lathi charged the bandh volunteers.

The spokesman of the forum Lalmalsawm said apart from several other demands they had made, they are against the introduction of the Village Development Council.

A member of the forum, Tong said that the boycott against the Congress would be total and no activities of the party will be allowed at their villages.

He said it is not that the chiefs patronise other political parties or is against a particular party, but it is that the Congress is the government at present.

Media persons of several national papers out to cover the bandh were also left surprised by harassment by bandh supporters.

A woman journalist from a national paper said though it is quite likely to be asked about her credentials, the manner and words used to do so is sometimes quite undesirable.

She further lamented that many of the “kid bandh supporters” were unreasonable making it even harder.

Another journalist from the state capital was not allowed to proceed further from Boulzang village though his vehicle had the press logo. The media person was charged of using a fake Id card.


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