Faleiro joins Cong campaign in Manipur


IMPHAL, April 6: All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary in-charge (Northeast), Luizinho Faleiro stated that ‘the Congress party respect the distinct identity, history, culture of the state and will protect and preserve it’ in a press conference at Congress Bhawan on Sunday.

The Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Phungzathang Tonsing, Thamso Baite, Th Meinya and Abdul Nasir also attended the press conference.

Expressing that the state has a unique identity, culture, history which the party respects, Luizinho Faleiro said the party is concerned about maintaining secularism, social justice and harmony in the state while lauding the people of Manipur for always having blessed the Congress party and supporting it.

He appealed the people to support the candidates of the Congress party in the Lok Sabha elections.

Urging the people to support the Congress candidates and make the UPA government stronger which will develop the state and help it progress, he elaborated that in the Lok Sabha elections there will be many political parties such as the BJP, NPF, CPI, Trinamol Congress etc having their own agenda which the people are sceptical about.

He alleged that Naga People Front (NPF) government in Nagaland has become bankrupt with the state going backward as it lacks institutes, proper water supply and is ail by various other issues.

However, the Congress rule in the state has developed various institutions such as the Manipur University which is now turned into a central university and RIMS upgraded to the status of AIMS and so on.

Luizinho Faleiro, also the former Chief Minister of Goa, said that students have to be empowered for a bright future.  He said that the students in the state must count their stars as they have opportunities to get education in various fields which the bright students of Nagaland are deprived of because of lack of institutions.

NPF wants to impose their model of development in the state. So, voters of the outer Manipur seat should know their intentions and not let them defer the progress and developments which are to be taken up, he said.

He asserted that the Communist Party of India is a total failure and people should not waste their votes because they have nothing to give to the state as well as the country.

The Congress party has brought up above the poverty line more than 14000 people who were living below poverty line, he stated and further elaborated that the economic growth of the country has been increasing highly which makes India the second fastest developing country in economic growth.      

He said that the BJP have a culture of hatred, intolerance, destruction and the destruction caused during the BJP rule to the state is still fresh in our memories.

Luizinho Faleiro observed that the BJP ministerial candidate is trying to bring his Gujarat model of growth but the Manipuri model of growth is more impressive.

He asserted that more than 90 percent of the Panchayat representatives belong to the Congress party.

The Panchayat, ADC member representatives are like front wheels of a vehicle and the state government and MPs are similar to the back wheels of a vehicle which must move forward progressively.The legislators of Congress party in the state have been increased to 47 who will work impressively for the state’s development, he added.


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