Longsai VA alleges Zoujantek villagers of arson


IMPHAL, April 24: The Longsai Village Authority has alleged in a press release that two passenger carrying Jeeps were damaged today after destructing banana plants and farm huts by the Zoujangtek village youths yesterday.

It said, around 7:30 am today two passenger carrying jeeps with registration no MN0 54012 and DI MNO6L2908 belonging to Phillipou Pamei and Jamespou Kamei respectively were damaged by around 30 youths of Zoujangtek village carrying iron rods, sharp weapons and wooden sticks. The drivers were both beaten black and blue, alleged a statement of the village authority, chairman.

The Nungsai village appeal to the concerned authority to capture the culprits and take up necessary action, said the chairman of the Nungsai Village authority in a press release.


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