Observation of Dark Day on April 27


IMPHAL, April 27: After the end of Anglo-Manipur War, the British army laid siege of Kangla Fort on April 27, 1891 at 7am which marked the end of the long maintained sovereignty of Kangleipak Manipur following which the Union Jack flag of the British was hoisted in the Kangla Fort by lowering the Pangkhangba embellished flag of the land, the Dark Day Observation Committee of the International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA) conveyed in a statement.

On that day onward, Kangleipak Manipur has been under their colonial rule, it statement added.

However, it further continued, known and unknown heroes had martyred their lives fighting to their last effort to safeguard the sovereignty of the then Asiatic Kingdom.

The statement added that the day has been observed as Dark Day so as to pay homage to their martyrdom for the Kingdom since long back.

With respect to its inherent nature, IPSA will observe the Dark Day on April 27 at Iboyaima Sumang Lila Sanglen at 9:30 am, it said and added that IPSA is organising Dark Day this time for 16th times.


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