Polling personnel leaves for stations


IMPHAL, Apr 7: Polling teams for Zone-VII Loktak (12) 57/18-27, 57/29-30, zone-VIII Khousabung (13) 57/28, 57/31-39, 57/45-47, Zone-IX Tuilaphai (9) 57/14, 57/48-54, 58/3, Zone-XIX Singngat (15) 60/01-05, 60/26, 60/32-39, 60/41 and Zone-XX behiang (7) 60/40,60/42-45 altogether having 56 Polling Stations, Polling Personnel and Security Personnel for Zone VII Loktak-132, Zone VIII Khousabung-143, Zone IX Tuilaphai-99, Zone XIX Singngat-165 and Zone XX Behiang-77 have left for their respective Polling stations today from Tuibuong Peace Ground, Churachandpur said the Office of the District Information Officer, Churachandpur in a press release.


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