Senior Citizens skeptic of free and fair poll


IMPHAL, April 12: The Senior Citizens For Society is apprehensive that money and muscle power will be used in the ensuing Lok Sabha election of Inner Parliamentary Constituency.  There is doubt that the election will be conducted in a free and fair manner.  This was stated by the representatives of the Society in an interaction with the media today. Prof L Sadananda Singh, Adocate Khaidem Mani and Col A Achou Singh (Retd) were present in the interaction.

According to them, the Parliamentary elections during the last twenty years have been marred by money and muscle power. In the present Lok Sabbha who got elected as MPs in the last general election, there are billionaire MPs and MPs with criminal record. Out of the total 543 MPs, 300 MPs are billionaires, 213 MPS have criminal cases. The data itself is evident that money and muscle power have been used in the last election, maintained the Senior Citizens.

They however lauded the measures that have been taken up by the Election Commission. Any attempt to use force during the voting might not be possible because of tight security arrangement. But effort to lure voters by money might go unchecked despite the measures, said the representatives.

They further appeal to the people to vote wisely, not to sell their valuable vote for a few money or feast. Election is the backbone of democracy. While choosing candidate voters should look for someone who can feel the pulse of the people; who is selfless and dedicated to the cause of the land and who has a vision.


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