Ukhrul PHED provides mobile water supply


By R Lester Makang

UKHRUL, April 24: Against the backdrop of mounting water scarcity crisis in Ukhrul town owing to acute depletion of water sources at Shirui hills, PHED Ukhrul has come up with a free mobile water supply for the people as an alternative arrangement to help ease hardship during this lean season.

According to SO, PHED T Chinaochung, considering the hardship being faced by the public during this lean period, the district water supply department devised this system and began mobile water supply to different localities in town areas with effect from April 21.

“A department water tanker with 900 litre capacity is being engaged for this,” he said while adding that some localities such as Alungtang, Meizailung, Ngayainaotang, Rayotang, Khayashat, Greenland etc. have already been covered since Monday last.

“We are planning to reach out to more localities so as to help ameliorate the water scarcity crisis within the town,” he added.

He further said that this is only a temporary arrangement and the move came after the department felt constrained to reschedule daily water supply to alternate day in view of the depleting water sources at the Shirui hills recently.

Meanwhile, Chinaochung clarified that it is not true that the department is selling water to public through its tanker during this lean period as reported in certain newspapers.

He however conceded that earlier the department supplied a tanker full water of 900 ltr at Rs. 2000 to interested individuals and private parties but this has already been stopped with the coming of dry season months back.


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