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Women`s body decries grenade attack

BISHNUPUR, April 7: The Apunba Nupi Lup, Nambol has on April 7 organised a sit in protest at Nambol Bazaar showing their dissatisfaction against the explosion of a hand grenade on April 6 at the residence of Dr S Birendra Singh, son of (L) Bijoy of Nambol Bazaar.

Dr Birendra is the Director of the National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Imphal.

Placards which read as “what is the reason of exploding bomb”, “stop the business of bomb explosion”, “we condemn bomb explosion”, “DoNot hurl bombs in residential area” etc. were displayed during the sit in protest.

Speaking to media persons, Birendra’s wife said one of their family members is ill at present and the loud explosion of the bomb blast could have disturbed him.

She said instead of opting for such violent behaviour it would be far better for the assailants to come openly and expressed their terms and demands and added that such violent action has created tension not only to their family but also to the locals.

She further appealed to all concerns not to repeat such thing in the future.

A similar protest was also held at the campus of the NIT, Imphal attended by staff and students of the Institute.

Placards reading “We strongly condemn against the bomb blast at the residence of the NIT Director Manipur, Make education free zone, No more bomb, NIT for society, Bomb blast is condemned by the NITIAN, We want peace, Rule by peace not by force, Stop bomb culture, Give peace a chance” were displayed during the protest.

The registrar of the institute RK Lalit Singh communicated to IFP that the institute is now in its infant stage; and added that it needs support from one and all.

He also made a general appeal to all against imposing threat to the institute.

One student from outside the state of Manipur also opined that such kind of attack has created apprehension and tension among the students.

It is also learnt that there were sounds of gunshots before the explosion of the bomb.

The bomb explosion caused some minor damages on the window panes, residence wall etc.

The OC of the Bishnupur CDO Inspector Sadananda has visited the spot and also found another hand grenade which was recovered by the family members on March 23, 2014 however, was kept unattended considering it to be a toy. Investigation is going on in connection with the case.



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