Army offers no apology to ATM assualt victim


LAMKA, May 12: After the publication of news on army excess and misuse of Armed Forces Special Power Act in Churachandpur in Imphal Free Press, Brig. of the 27-Sector of the Assam Rifles Aditya Maidan sent junior officers to meet K. Zou who is the AAP Lok Sabha candidates at around 11:30 AM which was arranged through Maj. Gangte (retired) who himself is a resident of Churachandpur District.

Giving regards to Maj. Gangte and his initiative K. Zou visited 27-Sector commanded by the said Brigadier in the hope that the issue of assault on an ATM guard will be resolved amicably. However, on reaching the army camp located at Tuibuang the Brigadier showed no inclination to resolve the issue, instantly saying that inquiry is necessary before he can take up any further action.

Brig Maidan told K Zou that it is because of the army presence that the tribals are safe from militants while adding that checking of vehicle and physical frisking was mandatory and further said that even if the Chief Minister of Manipur come to their post he will not be spared screening.

Around 3:30 pm the personnel of the army visited the victim, whose rib bone is broken and therefore cannot eat properly.The army personal returned his identity card and asked him many technical questions confusing him.

K Zou said that he had requested the Brigadier, in the interest of peaceful co-existence, to resolve the issue at the earliest time possible. He insisted the army must admit that they had beaten an unarmed civilian who may have to bear the pain for many years, through tribal customary practice and shoulder the cost of treatment incurred for which the Brigadier showed no keenness nor interest by saying the army are disciplined and fear no one. K. Zou told the Brigadier to at least tell the army personnel to be polite while discharing their duties but K. Zou told IFP that if the matter is not settled within two days by the army intense protest and action will be enforced by the AAP party.

K Zou also further said that social activists particularly from Delhi told him that they will be with him till the issue was resolved and will be with him till the end and are ready to let no stone unturned in the attack or harassment by the army to the people that is the Mongoloids people.


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