KNF (N) observes 26th raising day


IMPHAL, May 17: The Kuki National Front (Nehlun) group today observed its 16th Raising Day, one day before the actual date due to certain security reason at the outfit’s Daitwi camp general head-quarters.

The occasion was marked by members of the outfit offering floral tributes to the ‘martyrs’ who had laid down their lives for the cause of Kukiland. A minute’s silence was also observed as a mark of respect, which was followed by the oath taking ceremony of 20 new cadres, who had completed their basic military training.

With the new entrants, the total strength of the outfit has reached 150. Chief of army staff of the outfit, James Kuki said there are reports that most areas under the outfit are being disturbed at the moment. He said since the president is presently out of the country, he is unable to attend the function. A message from the president Dr Napolean Kremlin was however, read out during the observation. The message read out that the Kukis are divided into several groups. The Kukis have numerous social, religious and armed groups, the president’s message said. It continued that rather than joining other groups and form a single political movement, we have formed our own group, it said. The message further called upon all Kukis and its organisation’s to encourage “unity.” Although not denying or criticising any other organisations, everyone should retrospect the views of (L) Nehlun Kipgen, the statement continued.

Having many organisations is not a problem, rather having different political ideologies is the problem and hindrance to the national movement, it said and added the different ideologies creeping up is a tool used by the devil to bring disunity in the Kuki society.

The president also mentioned in his message that every Kuki should nourished the (L) Nehlun Kipgen’s ideology that if there can be a Mizoram for the Mizos, a Nagaland for the Nagas, then why cannot there be a Kukiland for the Kukis.

He further called upon all organisations to join hands and achieve a common political goal under the Constitution of India.

As long as the people are sincere and devoted with the right attitude, we will continue to move forward, the message also said.


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