“Private tuitions flourishing because of parents’ ignorance”


BISHNUPUR, May 24: A Five-Day Students Leadership Camp, 2014 organised by the All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) Bishnupur district committee in relation with the 25th Students’ Emancipation Day Observation to be held on May 28 was inaugurated today.

During the opening event, Th Naresh Singh- president AMSU hq, S Open Singh, president AMSU Bishnupur District Committee, Sumati Oinam-president ANUL Bishnupur district, L Ngambi, advisor ANUL attended as presidium members.

In his speech during the function, W Binoy Luwang- ex-president of AMSU Bishnupur district said till 1832, Kacchar had its own king. Now it has become a district of Assam.

He said the most important reason for this is they neglected education which forms the backbone of a society. The people lack unity, leaders, ignorant of their own culture, neglecting their own language, script, and keeping in high status the company of non-kaccharis which led to their downfall, he said.

He said the students need to understand this and try to become able leaders.

The ex-president of AMSU Bishnupur district also stressed on the alarming practice of students relying more and more on tuitions for every subject.

The students need to be aware of its fallout, he observed.

Tuition has today emerged as one of the most profitable business and this has been allowed only because of the ignorance of the parents and guardians.

Instead of taking so many private tuitions, it is better for the students to study harder at home, he asserted.

L Ngambi, advisor ANUL said, the Students’ Emancipation Day is being observed in remembrance of Ibohal of Ninghthoukhong, U Khellen and K Sarat of Moirang School who had sacrificed their lives for right to education in the year 1959.

He further said that it is important for students to understand their own culture and language. He also spoke on the need to introduce a week to conduct culturally relevant items like thang-ta, traditional songs, etc in the schools for the students.

The camp was attended by 125 students of different schools and 30 offices.


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