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13 year old Pauginmuang brought to hospital

By Alex Guite
LAMKA, June 18: Under the initiative of the media and the Army, 13-year-old Pauginmuang, who has been lying on his wooden cart for the past more than ten years was taken to the Churachandpur District Hospital for the first time in ten years.

The hospital’s medical superintendent personally arranged for an ambulance to transport him.

The team of specialists after examining the boy at the hospital viewed that the boy need further care in the hospital and proper investigation.

Briefing the media at his office flanked by the other doctors, the medical superintendent, Dr Shyamsunder Singh said that he had himself led his team of doctors to examine the boy and was convinced that the boy is partially paralyse and need more intensive investigation as he has been suffering from multiple infection for a long time due to neglect.

The boy is very weak and has insufficient muscle to support his body weight, he said before declaring that he needs to be made physically stronger and fit first before further investigation is taken up.

However to the surprise of everyone, the mother citing problem at home refused her son to be admitted at the hospital, raising much eye brows.

The MS said specialist doctors available at the hospital will attend to the boy once he is made fit for investigation.

He said, in case the boy need surgery, ortho surgeon specialist Dr Nando will attend to him, and if he needs a medicine doctor, Dr RK will be there, likewise Dr Alex who is an expert in rehabilitation will help with his psychotherapy.

The team of specialist doctors admit that the chance of making the child walk again like others will be a challenge and a medical feat.

They said the parents not taking the child to any doctor during the past 10 years have taken a toll on the child making it more complicated.

The doctors were of the opinion that the boy should be kept in the hospital for observation and to be monitored and provided care.

“There is no magic stick, but we will try our best to help the child and we have a competent team of doctors to see to it that the child gets the best treatment,” said the MS.




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