CAF & PD labourers warn of cease work strike


Imphal, June 22: The CAF & PD labourer’s Welfare Association has warned the state government of agitations if their charter of demand is not fulfilled till July 5. This was stated by CAF & PD labourer’s Welfare Association general secretary Ramendrajit in a press meet at Manipur Press Club on Sunday afternoon.

He said that the CAF & PD minister assured in the last assembly session that the demand of the labourers will be discussed in a cabinet meeting and under a very short period it will fulfill the labourers their chatter of demands.

Even chief Minister Okram Ibobi himself witnessed the ground reality in Sangaiporou godown on March 23 4 while on a scheduled visit. Now, the labourers are in a vulnerable condition as recently four labourers were hospitalised in Nambol Hospital from Paralysis, Anthracites, Kidney dialysis etc. Most of labourer still have health problems and can’t undergo treatment due to pending of fourth month’s payment from new contractors.

He said that many memorandums have been submitted and assure to fulfill our chatter of demands but till now the government of Manipur hasn’t taken up any positive action. CAF & PD minister Moirangthem Okendro has also given assurance on our demands. But now we don’t believe in their assurances that on coming July 5, the charter of demands will be fulfilled and the benefits of the National Food Security Act will also be given to labourers.

So if the charter of demands is not fulfill to labourers till July 5, we will launch a strike and from July 6 various forms of agitation will be launched, he said, appealing labourers to not agree to be hired by CAF & PD Sangaiporou.

If any labourer agrees to work with CAF & PD Sangaiporou, it will be at their own risk, he added.

Romendrajit said there are 21 male and 8 female labourers working in the CAF & PD Godown at Sangaiporou but most of them are victimised by the state government by neglecting their labour rights till date.

Further stating that 30 years back most of the labours were non-locals, he said that local people also started loading and unloading goods in the Godown before long. Unfortunately, the labours didn’t have any documents of agreement with the past contractors, he added.

He said that in 2011 the labours were paid only 76 paisa on loading and unloading two rice gunny begs from a truck by contractors.

“The illiterate labours agreed with the contractor’s agreements on government orders. They were again cheated by the contractors that bonus payments during festivals were paid only once a year,” he said.

The charter of demands consisted increment of labour charges, the charge must be equal to the FCI payment system, medical facilities, issuing of proper identify cards and following labour rules along with the implementation of the wage board.



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