Certified seeds give better yield, says Seed analyst


KANGPOKPI, May 31: Farmers put in hard labour, time and effort during cultivation but the quantity of the yield after harvesting is lesser than expected. This was stated by Seed analyst Kh Mohindro of the Department of Agriculture while stressing that only certified seeds gave a better yield.

He was speaking on a one-day sensitisation programme on ‘Seed Certification Process and Advangtages of using Certified Seed’ at Yaikongpao village, Sadar Hills today.

The programme was organised by District Agriculture Officer in Senapati and sponsored by the Seed analyst, Dept. of Agriculture.

Kh Mohindro Singh told the farmers to sow only certified seeds to have better productivity instead of sowing uncertified seed.

He continued that it is vital for the farmers to know the difference between certified seeds and uncertified seeds while appealing the farmers to buy only label tagged seeds for sowing.

S Surmangol Singh, SMS(KVK), Thoubal pointed out that there will be no agriculture if there is no quality seed adding that it is important to maintain quality seed by farmers to sustain the Agriculture sector which is the largest sector of livelihood for human being.

While speaking on Quality Seed and its importance, Surmangol continued that certified seed guarantee quality production when sown. Therefore, farmers should sow only certified seed in the larger interest of their livelihood, Surmangol said.

N Ajit Kumar Singh, SMS(KVK), Ukhrul and Kh. Nimaichand, Expert of Plant Health Clinic, Directorate of Agriculture, Govt. of Manipur also spoked on the importance of pest management in quality seed production and paddy diseases & uses of bio-fertilizer respectively.

In the meantime, District Agriculture Officer of Senapati, Dr. N. Binamol, said that farmers and its related department should have strong and close relationships for visible and successful development.

Dr. N. Binamol, who is said to have produced the best farmer in Thoubal during his tenure as DAO Thoubal, noted that there are various facilities the farmers can avail from the department but they have little knowledge about it due to little relationship with the department.

“Farmers should approach us for any matters related to agricultural activities,” said the Agricultural officer, adding that since the department have no provisions to knock every door of the farmers, we could not approach them.

He also urged the farmers to established good relationship with the department and stop wild allegations against the department.

Honestly I want to promote and develop agriculture for the cause of farmers, noted Dr. N. Binamol while urging the farmers to approach the department for any assistance and facilities.

Apart from a large gathering of farmers, Th. Joy Kumar Singh, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer, Saikul and other department officials, staffs also attended the programme.



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