Chakpi residents disapprove substandard road work


Ruwngthung Hrangbung

CHAKPIKARONG, June 8: Residents of Chakpikarong have expressed dissent over the substandard construction work of the Chakpikarong-Challong Lamkhai Phiran Machet in Chakpikarong sub division.

Several leaders of the organisations representing Anal Naga Tangpi, Anallon Chiefs Association, Anal Naga Chiefs ‘Association Chakpikarong Sub-division, Anal Naga Students’ Union Chakpikarong Branch and Chakpikarong Bazar Board took this stance of protest following a joint inspection carried out at the area of phase one that is from 0 km (Chakpiakrong) to further stretched of about 3 km towards the end point.

At a radius of 3 km from the start, a defect was detected in the two already completed slab culvert which were also found to be constructed below standard. It was tilted and almost going down towards the side of the slope.

The team also inspected the ongoing construction work of the 33Kv power sub-station at Salluk.

Later briefing the media chairman of the Chakpikarong Bazar Board, NL Wolhring said in spite of the available construction resources provided to the contractor Yumnam Arun Kumar at free of cost, the contractor has not been able to maintain quality in constructing a slab culvert. The chairman therefore demanded for replacement of the same.

According to him the work of Chakpikarong-Challong, Phiran Machet road with a total length of 13.20km was started in June 2013 and was supposed to be completed by November 2014 with Ministry of Rural development, Govt of India as the funder.

The Chairman also stated that contractors concerned must seek support and consult with the local residents. He also added that Govt must give preference to local contractors for better execution of the work while selecting contractors.

He also appealed for early and timely completion of the ongoing construction work of the power sub-station at Salluk so that the problem of power supply in the sub-division might be over soon.

Meanwhile General Secretary of Anal Naga Students Union Chakpikarong sub-division, Hl Jeremiah Anal has appeal for a full time Headmaster for Chakpikarong Govt High School which has been lying vacant for a long time while pointing of various difficulties faced by the staffs and students without its head.



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