Check price hike, AMSU sets June 25 deadline for govt


IMPHAL, June 22: The All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) has set a deadline for the State government to set up a Price Control Board within June 25. In case the State fails to meet the deadline, the student union will take its own course to check price hike in the State from June 26.

This was stated by secretary general, L Regan during a press conference at AMSU, HQ office today.

He elaborated that the volunteers of the union will be on an inspection drive of the prices of the commodities in the market places before the end of the set deadline.

If the government fail to meet the union’s demand, AMSU will declare the price list of various items in consideration of the general public and control the unchecked price hike in the State, he said.

Even though several appeals have been made to the government in this regard, the government has failed to provide any positive response to the demand, he continued.

This is a clear indication of the government negligence of the public’s suffering, he said.

AMSU’s Human Resource and Development secretary Manjit Sarangthem said that the concerned department has failed to put any check on the price hikes in the State.

The weight and measure department are also seen only when the niggol chakkouba festival approaches, he lamented.

He further said that there are several shops in the bazaar area which are not even registered, and appealed to the government to look into the issue at the earliest.

Unless the government take up preventive measures, the AMSU will be compelled to take its own course of action, the student leader warned.

Manjit asserted that the State government should own responsibility in the event of any untoward situation arising out of the issue.



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