Civil bodies to organise public hearing on state’s health care system


IMPHAL, June 17: A one day public hearing on Right to Health and Medical Ethics will be organised on June 25 at the Manipur Press Club by Human Right Initiative (HRI) and Women Action and Development (WAD).

HRI executive director W Joykumar stated in a press conference at the Manipur Press Club on Tuesday that the aim of organsing the event is to improve the health care system in the state by sensitising the the police, medical professionals, media, CSOs and citizens about their rights and duties regarding the right to health.

This will create awareness to the medical practitioners and citizens about the medical code of ethics and rights of the patients for creating a better relationship between medical professionals and patients parties, he said.

Stating further that this will bring an amicable solution to the crisis in the health sector between patient parties and doctors in the state, he said testimonies from various patients will be taken and various retired judges, high ranking police officials , retired medical Director will be the jury members to sit on judgment.

The public hearing will provide a platform to the people to express the reasons for their resentment of medical practitioners in the state and will also give a chance to the later to clarify directly instead to criticising or clarifying through the media.

Joykumar also sought suggestions and opinions and requested those interested to send it at these email addresses: [email protected] or joykwahengbam

President, Women Action and Development, Mangshatabam Sobita said thet misunderstandings between those taking care of patients and the medical fraternity have existed from a long time back.

These incidents happen mostly in the two government hospitals, JNIMS and RIMS, which the poor people relied on. Most cases of death in child birth and negligence to the patients occurred in the two hospitals, she stated.

Adding that instead of making empty allegation of negligence to the medical fraternity and just believing in hear say, she said everyone is invited on the day of the public hearing to express their grievances with proper evidence without which it will not be considered.

Moreover, as people are not satisfied with the health care services provided by the public authorities concerned as such, many private clinics or hospitals have been mushrooming in the state, he said.

The relation between the medical professionals and patient parties has deteriorated and as such undesirable incidents have taken place in both public and private hospitals due to alleged negligence of doctors and nurses, she said, adding that such incidents happen frequently in the state creating turmoil in the society.



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