CLA leader’s remains laid to rest


By Alex Guite
LAMKA, June 25: The remains of the leader of the Chin Liberartin Army (CLA) gen Tunkhopum Baite was today laid to rest at his family patriach house at Ngathal, Ccpur prior to his burial at Pangmula village which is about 10 km from Lamka town with the initiative of the Zomi Youth Association (ZYA) and Vaiphei People Council (VPC).

The body was brought to Ngathal, where his late elder brother stayed, for a brief period, and where the well wishers gathered along with ex CLA cadres who spoke about the sacrifices of their leader.

The chairman of the ex. CLA caders K Paukhohau say that the carders have been trying all this 40 years to locate their leader’s remains for a decent and proper burial.

He lamented that many leaders and politicians had decline to help them as locating the leader call for huge finance as he was killed and buried in Mizoram.

The team of ex-CLA men and two women had been camping in the Hmungzawl village for the past more then ten days (with the actual grave a further 6 km from the nearest village, to locate the leaders burial place.

The secy of the ex-CLA cadres say that after a futilesearch attempt they were able to locate the person who was guarding their general during his last hours at the MNF’S Tuichang army H/Q.

In another development the ex CLA cadres had boycotted or refused to attend the funeral program as they were not consulted nor were their opinion sought though they were the ones who unearthed the remain of the leader of the Zomi/Chin/Mizo (ZO) people.

They are said to have a plan of where their leader will be buried.

The chairman of ex-CLA say that they will never accept the treatment meted out to the remains of their leader as he deserved more as the one person who was responsible to bring about awareness to the people to fight for their right until he was betrayed by the MNF.



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