CPI national council meeting demand roll back of the train fare


IMPHAL, June 21: A three day national council meeting of the CPI which started from June 20 at the Ajay Bhavan, New Delhi with national executive member of the party, Dr Moirangthem Nara in the chair has adopted four resolutions. 25 Executive members from all over India attended the meeting.

The resolutions include demands for roll back of the railway fare freight hike, rejection of RBI’s PJ Nayak Committee recommendations on bank privatisation and deploring the imposition of Hindi.

A statement from M Nara said that the national council demands the outright rejection of the RBI appointed PJ Nayak Committee’s recommendations on privatization of public sector banks.

It said at a time when there is every need to strengthen the public sector banks, it is highly objectionable that such recommendations are being made.

The meeting calls upon the Central government to reject the Nayak Committee recommendations & to take steps to strengthen our public sector banks, it said.

Further according to the statement, the national council has also strongly condemned the increase in the passenger fare of raliways by more than 14 per cent and freight charges by more than 6 per cent by the Modi government.

This would have cascading effect on the prices of other essential commodities & goods further increasing the burden on common man, it said.

While condemning this anti-people measure, the party demands the roll back of the increase in passenger and freight charges announced by the government immediately, it said before adding that the party calls upon the people and party units to protest against the government’s decision at every level.

“The previous UPA-II government had set up independent regulatory authority in this regard to decide upon fare by passing Parliament. We demand for withdrawal of that authority in the public interest.”

Further according to the statement, the National Council of the Communist Party of India has also deplored the move of the Union Home Ministry to force government departments to use only Hindi on social media and for circulars.

“The NC feels that it is a divisionary tactics to distract people’s attention from the burning socio-economic issues. It will cause unnecessary linguist conflict.”

“The NC of the CPI re-iterates its position that Hindi can not be imposed as the only official language. Till there is national consensus Hindi and English will continue to be official languages. Similarly all the Indian languages recognized in the VIII schedule be treated as national languages and three language formula policy as adopted by Parliament is continued.”

The National Council of the Communist Party of India expresses serious concern over the ever deteriorating condition in the war raged Iraq, it said.



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