Early completion of Sanjenthong diversion bridge mulled


IMPHAL, June 24: The Mongba Hanba Umang Amadi Laipham Kanba Lup has jointly held a meeting of the leaders of Cultural organisations and civil society organisations of the sate such as Leipak Kanba Ahallup, Kangla Khunthokyai Apunba Luplel, Mongba Hanba Thoukal Luplel, HERICON, Sanamahi Lainingkon Sanglel, All Manipur Nupi Samaj, FREINDS with individuals, scholars to consider regarding the construction of Diversion Bridge at Imphal river along Hijam Yaicham pat and a road at the Southern side of Mahabali Grave on June 21 at the office of the FREINDS, Keishampat. A memorandum has been submitted to the CM and Works minister in this regard.

The resolved to expedite the construction of the bridge and the road in the interest of the people suffering due to the closure of Sanjenthong Bridge said the general secretary of the Lup in a press release.



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