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Environment, social issues draw church’s attention in Ukhrul

UKHRUL, June 20: The growing concern over deteriorating environment and increased conflict situations has brought the relationship between the Church and the fight against social issues closer in Ukhrul district.

This was illustrated by the one day Church level consultation on social peace and environment held at TTA Conference Hall at Hamleikhong on Friday.

The underlying concept of the consultation program is that the Church being the prototype for all believers to emulate good christian behaviors and also it is where members of all hues can get together frequently, it has been chosen as a platform for championing the dual cause of peace and conservation in the district.

Jointly organised by Diocesan Social Service Society (DSSS) and Ramungo Library Group Ukhrul (RLGU) in the backdrop of the continued degradation of forests and prevailing social issues including increased cases of inter village clashes, the consultation was attended by various local church leaders from different denominations like Baptist, Seventh Day Advantist and Roman Catholic.

The participating church leaders expressed grave concern over the escalating cases of inter village clashes which have claimed many precious lives in recent years while suggesting various measures to salvage the situation.

“We must first learn to follow our religious faith truthfully, then only will good sense prevail, ” said Arthur, a Baptist leader while SDA elder Ramung opined that lack of development is at the root of all social evils and is detrimental to peace.

“Everyone longs for peace but sadly our NGOs and civil societies are not doing enough for it,” lamented Elvis of DSSS, while calling upon church elders to play active roles in facilitating peace in all spheres of society.

Other participants urged all church leaders to start focusing on issues affecting society beyond the church ministry, while also suggesting promotion of love and compassion, justice, religious freedom, self reliance etc. among the populace to bring about peace.

Meanwhile, deliberating adverse effect of biodiversity degradation, Hungyohong of RLGU noted that climate change is beginning to affect the district while adding that this is evident from the recent heat wave and changing weather conditions experienced here.

“Toward preserving our forest and its ecosystem, we must stop forest burning and destruction of flora and fauna, ” he continued before adding that use of explosives in fishing should also be banned.

The church leaders expressed their consensual views on the need to get themselves involved as governing bodies of believers in minimizing the adverse effect of unwarranted damage to natural ecology of the district.




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