Green Workshop cum seminar inaugurated at CCpur


LAMKA, June 20: Parliamentary secretary Vungzagin Valte today inaugurated a two day ‘Green Workshop cum Seminar’ at the Rayburn College, New Lamka.

The programme is being organised by the Delhi based organisation, the Delhi Paite Indongta, DPI and Lamka based Environmental Friends.

Eminent attendees include a team from Sikkim, Soumen Deb from World Wildlife Fund, joint secretary Home Ministry V Vunglunmang, Churachandpur DC PK Jha.

Speaking at the inaugural function, Vunglunmang highlighted the importance of trees.

He said the trees provide shades among many other things and added, “Study shows that countries with forest landscape are more prosperous then others.”

Speaking on the topic “hand-washing” Biaklun Soute said stressed on the need for hygienic routines. He said one should keep their hands clean as they are also used for eating among other things. Unclean hands introduce bacteria to the body which is unhygienic, he said stressing on the importance of maintaining hygienic practices like proper waste disposal.

Delegates from Sikkim used power point presentation to demonstrate on the system employed in their State for a greener environment.

The elaborated on the technical advises to make the people environmental friendly, be aware of the environmental issues. They also demonstrated about the benefits of eco-tourism and afforestation.

Further elaborating on the subject, experts also observed that each second, an area the size of a football field is lost from the earth’s surface due to felling of trees, hunting, forest fire and minimal vegetation.

“In Sikkim, felling even one tree requires permission from the forest department,” one of the Sikkim delegate said.

When the community and the individual work together, eco-tourism is bound to increase, he said.

Soumen Deb spoke on the topic, “Web of Life.”

He said that when people think of “Greenery” a lot of things come to mind, and people need to realise that the nature’s product are limited and not infinite.

“It is for ourselves, that we need to be sustainable and to have a green environment.”

Mizoram chief secretary, Haukhum Hauzel spoke on the New Land Use Policy in Mizoram and said there is proper planning the State to district level in the State.

Civil organisations take active part in the implementation of the policy, he said.

Later on experts like K Vungzamoi and DFO Churachandpur presented papers on diverse topics



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