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Helen Keller’s birth anniversary observed

IMPHAL, June 27: The Handicapped Development (HD) Foundation, Manipur organised the 134th birth anniversary of Helen Keller and distributed prizes for the Second State Level Essay Competition on Helen Keller at Manipur Press Club on Friday.

Social Worker Thounaojam Iboyaima said that there are many individuals who are socially challenged not by birth and this can happen to anyone in the future.

People should not neglect them or ill-treat the differently-abled on because they are not similar to normal individuals, he said.

He added that they should be provided with various facilities to have equal rights as other citizens of India.

Rose Mangshi Haokip said that god has created everyone equally, so socially-challenged persons should not feel discouraged because all human being are same and equal, adding that normal people should give more moral and physical support towards them.

The government also should take more interest towards them and should provide them with more benefits, she said.

She continued that if any socially challenged individuals came among normal people they shouldn’t be discourage but should be given more support to have better development.



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