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“IB report a slander campaign to serve political interest”

Protest against killing is not anti-development: Babloo
IMPHAL, June 25: Coming down heavily on the recent report of the Intelligence Bureau which said that activities of foreign funded NGOs are anti-development and have stunted the GDP growth of the country, a joint representatives of NGOs functioning in the state briefed the media this afternoon at the conference hall of HRA, Kwakeithel Imphal.

Present during the briefing were Debabrata Roy L, convenor, Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights in Manipur, U. Nobokishore of NE Dialogue Forum, OJ Meitei of United NGO Mission and Joy Chingakham of FRIENDS.

“Narendra Modi is indebted to pay back the money which he had used during his election campaign. His money was funded by the giant multinational companies. Otherwise, how could he effort his frequent flying during the campaign” Babloo Loitongbam of HRA said during the briefing.

Babloo alleged that Modi is going to pay his debts by selling off the country to the MNCs. He said, the IB report is to silence the dissent voices of the NGOs, who have been protesting against the onslaught of the MNCs in the interest of the people. He said, HRA along with other organisations have challenged the extra-judicial killing in Manipur at the Supreme Court. He questioned, “How could that bring down GDP growth?” Our protest against killing of innocents by security forces is not anti-development, he added.

NGOS in Manipur have been taking a constructive role, said Nobokishore. He maintained that every organisation has constitutional memorandum, which is legal. He cited the example of the then NGO’s who have contributed either directly or indirectly in the formulation of the present day Social Welfare Department of the govt. of Manipur and the CAU.

OJ Meitei added that there is no evidence to prove that the NGOs are responsible for the GDP decline. “We need a debate with the govt on the matter to thrash out the facts”, said Joy taking jibes on the IB report and its charges.

A joint statement condemning the IB report signed by a host of activists, scholars, journalists, filmmakers-artist-writers and lawyers, which includes names like Prof Romilla Thapar, Dr Mallika Sarabhai, Prof KN Panikkar and Aruna Roy etc, was also handed out to the media during the briefing. The statement said the IB report is a slander campaign, to clear grounds to benefit the Indian and foreign MNC’s interests, it said.

The statement alleged the IB of using dubious methods to discredit many social activists in the country, committed in social action for years. It said, the activists have questioned the destructive path of development India is following.

Maintaining that the document report was classified as ‘secret report’, but was release by the IB itself to the media with an agenda to malign, scandalize and create a character assassination of credible activists in the country, we strongly condemn such dubious methods, the statement said.

Signatories of the statement further demand immediate action on all those officials undertaken for executing criminal behavior and misusing their official powers. Alleging that the report is a politically motivated instrument of the vested interests in the country, the statement appeals all members of the civil society to condemn the IB report, and strengthen the people’s movements for they are the only source and hope for the survival of the future.




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