IRB commandant clarifies on NH 2 accident issue


IMPHAL, June 28: Commandant 7th IRB KC Lokho has clarified on the allegations of his callousness regarding an accident along the National Highway 2.

The Thadou Students’ Association had warned to call a 24 hour bandh along the Highway and the Tiddim road against the commandant’s failing to attend to the victims of the said accident.

In a statement the commandant has clarified certain facts about the accident which was published in the local dailies on June 27.

It said the vehicle involved in the incident was not of the commandant even though it belonged to the 7th IRB.

“This is not to say that the Commandant has no responsibility but the 2 facts are different.”

It has further stated that he was not at the spot when the accident occurred and he is thankful to those who were kindly enough to take the injured persons to the Casualty Deptt. RIMS Hospital.

“The first priority on our part when we learnt that the incident occurred was to save lives and help the injured persons get the best medical help and care,” it said.

“And we did our best in the circumstances to extend help to the injured persons out of humanitarian considerations. If there is a different opinion about this, we will not dwell on it because truth has a way to be known eventually.”

In the incident reported, the alto car hit the bus of IRB in the middle of its body on the right side and if the bus happened to be a light vehicle, the outcome can only be imagined, the statement said.

“And it may be relevant to mention that the alto also hit a civilian truck coming in the same direction as the bus when it veered away after hitting the bus which probably caused damage to the car and injuries to its occupants.”

But at the time when the incident took place, there was no time to think of who was at fault,” it said while asserting that an FIR had been registered in this regard and it is for the Investigating Authority to find out and bring the guilty to book according to law.


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