JCILPS releases ILP demand posters


IMPHAL, June 11: The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) has released ILP demand posters in its office at Nongmeibung Nambam Chuthek.

The demand posters read ‘No Permit, No Entry into Manipur’, ‘ Save Manipur, Endangered Humans Species’, ‘Save Land of Indigenous People’, ‘ No Land Ownership to Non-Manipuri’ and ‘ Enact Land Law for Indigenous People’.

JCILPS convener H Ibotombi Khuman said it was unfortunate that no positive steps were taken by the government even after various agitations and after taking several resolutions and cabinet decision to implement ILP in the state.

The government keeps on neglecting the demand to implement ILP in the state, which will prove disastrous for the state in the future, he stated, continuing that the committee is not against arrival of foreigners in the state, it is just demanding to put in place the permit system for non-locals or foreigners.

Further stating that uncountable number of non-locals or foreigners is present in the state without proper identification committing various kinds of criminal activities, he stated that due to initiatives of state government of Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram they have implemented the permit system in their states and recently around 500 non-locals were driven out from Mizoram for not having proper identification cards and lack of permits.

There is a big question mark on why the state government is not able to implement the permit system which is for the welfare of all, he said.



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