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JNIMS employees seek proper benefits and facilities

IMPHAL, June 19: The Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital Employees drew the attention of the government which has been neglecting its demands for proper facilities and benefits for the last five years before the up-gradation of Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences.

The JNIMS Non Graduate Employee Welfare Association general secretary Okram Kirankumar said in a press conference at the Manipur Press club on Thursday that the association will launch various agitations if their demands are not made at the earliest.

Stressing that the employees have made great efforts to turn JNIMS into a good medical college, he said, however, no steps for providing good welfare to the employees were taken.

“Employees who are under the Health Department can avail all the benefits given by the government but the staffs at JNIMS don’t enjoy such benefits. An appeal was made to the Health Department and the JNIMS Director to make the benefits available at the earliest,” he asserted, adding that however, the department and the director has denied their demands so far.

He also stated that the employees of JNIMS have been denied the benefits such as deputation allowance, GPF funds etc and employees find it difficult to face eventualities in such condition, and salaries and arrear haven’t been fixed.




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