Kadangband villagers rebut Singda pipeline breakage charge


Imphal, June 25: The Kadangband Village committee has contested that the Kangchup Water Supply area falls under their village, and not a reserved forest land according to the revenue department recorded map of 1959-60.

Spokesperson of the committee, Soibam Ibohal, said the claim made by PHED and Forest department that the said water supply is under the Forest jurisdiction is a cover up to dug out earth for commercial purposes.

He further alleged that the recent dismantling of water pipelines in the area is because of the digging activities.

He urged the concerned department to produce valid documents to prove that Kadangband is under the forest area.

If at all the village is under the forest area, when did it come into effect without the consent of the villagers, he questioned. If the officials fail to produce any documents, the Village will take legal course of action, he warned.

What about the neighbouring five villages which is under Saitu Assembly Constituency of Senapati District? Ibohal countered.

Refuting allegation that the leakage of 450 mm water pipeline, which could affect water supply in Imphal area was handiwork of the villagers, he said it was caused because of earthwork by PHED.

He said there could be many reasons of the pipe breakage.

Since the water level in Singda has raised much above the capacity after the rains, the old pipes could have bust from pressure. Two pipelines burst on the same day June 22 around noon, at the main gate area, he said while adding that the villagers cannot simply break the pipes.

The allegation made by officials of PHED and Forest department that the villagers are responsible for the incident is misleading, he claimed.

He further charged the government of its negligence of the families evicted from Singda.



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