Koide Union demands immediate road repair


KANGPOKPI, June 22: The Koide Union has demanded immediate repair of the Maram-Purul road considering the callous and poor quality of road repairing work undertaken earlier by the work agent.

A statement of the president N Veikho said that the slushy mud, potholes and cracks I most portions of the Major District Road has resulted in inconveniences to vehicular traffic.

The statement said that the road, which is the lifeline of many villages in the district, is in a deplorable condition hindering any vehicular movement for a couple of days after the monsoon rains had set in because the concerned work agency/department had failed to maintain proper quality of works while repairing and had only covered the repairing needed portions with mud and sub-standard gravels.

Therefore, the Koide Union demands those in-charge of the repairing works to pave the way immediately for vehicular movement as no vehicle could ply along the road as of now, and also urged them to properly and honestly utilise the sanctioned fund in the interest of the general public.



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