No two Trinamools in Thangmeiband, claims TBCC


Imphal, June 22: The general secretary of Thangmeiband Block Trinamool Congress Committee (TBTCC) L Ranbir has clarified to people that there are no two Trinamool Congresses in the Kendra.

Clarifying that they are the genuine Trinamool Congress workers of the Thangmeiband Block and have supported MLA Joykishan in the last general election, Ranbir said Joykishan’s stance towards AITCC and his cutting off ties with the party is unfortunate.

Continuing that there is no Trinamool Women Forum in Thangmeiband as of now, he stated that people shouldn’t be made more confuse for a simple matter in Thangmeiband.

Terming the incident of June 20 where a woman Trinamool Congresss worker voiced opinion against President Shyamkumar because she was a kerosene agent of Joykishan as unfortunate, he said a simple example of Joykishan despite winning the election in an AITCC ticket working against the Trinamool Congress can be revealed by his intention to join the BJP.

“If he loved Trinamool wholeheartedly why Thangmeiband got only about 300 votes in the last Lok Sabha polls; how can we say that he is a real Trinamool MLA?” he asked.

The person who works for secretary Congress in the past can join any party overnight. Kh Anil, a cousin of Joykishan is a Congress worker, he said, asking people to be aware of the fake name of Trinamool Congress in our area.

Pressuring the Speaker by sending a letter was to teach a lesson that what Anti-defection law was, he said.

TBTCC president B Gogen Sharma said that Sarungbam Rajen was a member of Trinamool but he made the statement before the Committee decided to take him off from the Primary membership along with L Gopal and Manichenglei Sarangthem.

He said that there are no two Trinamool congress committees in Thangmeiband. “Some persons are creating confusions on simple matters. If they have proper documents of the committee, they can come to a platform for an open dialogue on which is real. Anyone wishing to leave Trinamool can leave as we don’t have any problem but don’t disturb the present atmosphere of Thangmeiband Trinamool Congress,” he said.



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