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NPF, Nungba launches attack on Prof Gangmumei

IMPHAL, June 7 (NNN): Naga People’s Front (NPF), Nungba unit of Tamenglong district has called Prof. Gangmumei Kamei a chameleon of Manipur politics.

The Nungba unit of NPF said a man is known by the friends he keeps. “So, a leader or a politician is also known by his hoping in politics with any party,” the NPF, Nungba unit added.

In a press communique, M Thomas Riamei, Joint Secretary of the Nungba unit of the NPF said Prof. Gangmumei Kamei has been defeated by Thangso Baite of the Congress who had contested in the 16th Lok Sabha election 2014 as a BJP candidate. He has blamed the NPF candidate and the party for his defeat, added M Thomas Riamei.

According to the press note, in the year 1980 Prof. Gangmumei Kamei contested at Thangmeiband assembly constituency in Imphal as an Independent candidate and he was defeated by Radhabinod Koijam. In the year 1984 he had contested as an Independent candidate at Nungba assembly constituency and he was defeated by G. Gaikhangam of the Congress. Again, he had contested in Nungba assembly constituency as a Janata Dal candidate in the year 1990 but he was defeated by Congress candidate Gaikhangam, M Thomas Riamei said.

Later, Prof Gangmumei Kamei founded the Federal Party of Manipur (FPM) in the year 1993 and he had contested as a candidate of FPM but again he won the poll in the assembly election of 1995. He again had contested at Nungba assembly constituency as the FPM candidate in 2000 and he again won the election. In the year 2002, he again contested as the FPM candidate from the same constituency but he was defeated by INC candidate Gaikhangam, M Thomas Riamei added.

According to the Nungba NPF leader, after that he had divorced the political party that he had founded i.e the FPM and charged deffairses FPM as handed over to Dr. L. Chandramani Singh the then Deputy Chief Minister from Patsoi assembly constituency. Dr. L. Chandramani Singh had merged FPM with Manipur People’s Party (MPP). So, Prof. Kamei contested as an independent candidate in Nungba assembly constituency in 2007 assembly poll and he lost to Gaikhagam.

“Prof. Gangmumei is a true party hopper that he again formed People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) in 2005 which was also a registered regional political party in Manipur. Leaving the PDA again to join the NPF as an advisor when the party Manipur State was launched in 2011. Again, he left and joined the BJP in 2013 and he contested as the party candidate in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency in the 16 Lok Sabha election 2014. The irony was that he blamed the NPF for his defeat in the 16th Lok Shaba election 2014,” it said.

It may also be noted here that Prof. Kamei along with 5000 members of his supporters has supported the Congress candidate Gaikhangam in 2012. So, Gaikhangam was again elected, M Thias Riamei stated.

“Besides, Prof. Gangmumei was instrumental in forming Zeliangrong People’s Convention in 1980 which spearheaded the Zeliangrong Homeland Movement in the 1980s till early 1990s. He was the founder general secretary of ZPC. What is the logic of his statement to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur recently?” M Thomas Riamei questioned.

Prof Gangmumei charged Neiphiu Rio, as a leader responsible for destablisation of Manipur. He even stated that Neiphiu Rio was not a superman. “How long he can fool the people of the state?,” further asked M Thomas Riamei.

“Therefore, NPF Nungba assembly constituency would like to bring those facts into the public domain and the Nungba public have adequate leaders to lead the people and we do no more require hiring leaders from outside the Nungba assembly constituency. So, Prof Gangmumei is a wolf in a sheep skin. He deserves the title political chameleon of Manipur,” the NPF leader stated.




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