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Patkai academy sets conservancy example in Ukhrul

UKHRUL, May 31: At a time when every nook and cranny of Ukhrul district is increasingly exposed to unprecedented climatic changes due to unplanned deforestation far and wide, the Patkai Christian Academy (PCA) has set a remarkable example by doing a mite in conserving ecology and wild lives within its own capabilities.

Established in the year 2001, PCA is located nestled in an eco-friendly hill slope of Changraphung near Nungshang Kong about 15 kms from Ukhrul district headquarters.

Endowed with lush natural environment, the beauty is further enriched by the institute’s initiative towards wildlife conservancy.

“This was what our founder Dr Tuisem A Shishak envisioned” said headmistress Khathing A Shishak while adding that today the institute is able to protect various indigenous wildlife species including Cuckoos, deer within its campus spanning 300 acres across Changraphung in Shangshak area.

Khathing further said that students are thus encouraged to develop an inclination to preserve wildlife within the campus and beyond.

“There were times when new students would attempt to hunt, trap or destroy birds and animals and their natural habitats within the vast campus but they soon adapted themselves to the school ‘s conservancy policy,” she recalled.

Today the campus is one homely place not just for students but also for all birds, animals and wild species that which have their habitats in it, Khathing added.




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