Police stop students from ransacking MPSC office


IMPHAL, June 7: The Joint Students’ Co-ordination Committee (JSCC) has locked down the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) office for not cancelling the preliminary examination and conducting a fresh exam on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon around 30 students stormed the MPSC office even as police personnel tried to stop the irate students from going inside the office which resulted in a tussle between the students and the police.

Later, the students were dispersed by the security personnel.

Speaking to media persons at the spot, JSCC convenor Thangjam Premananda said that the mains examination will be boycotted and made to be called off and the preliminary exam conducted anew.

“Many appeals were made to the concerned authorities and even an ultimatum was submitted to the head of the State but there has been no positive response till date to the JSCC.”

JSCC are demanding the last preliminary examination conducted by MPSC to be declared null and void and a fresh one conducted in its place.

Premananda said the question papers of the examination had various mistakes and some answer keys didn’t correspondent with the given questions and under such conditions conducting the mains exam would be a travesty.

Moreover, the announcement of the results twice clearly showed that various unfair means were practiced during the examination, he added.



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