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Ratan Thiyam releases collection of poems

IMPHAL, June 22: Mangkhraba Sahargee Loikhraba Wari, a collection of poems written by Ratan Thiyam was released on Sunday at the Shrine Hall House, Chorus Prefacture, Shamushang Uku, Kangchup Road.

Former president of Manipur Sahitya Parishad, Professor N Tombi Singh was the chief guest at the book release, former director of Dance Academy L Joychandra Singh the guest of honour and another former Manipur Sahitya Parishad president B Joychandra Sharma presided over the event.

Speaking at the function, Jayentakumar Sharma said that the works of playwright and theatre director Ratan Thiyam profess a deep concern for social welfare and spiritual yearnings in the midst of political upheavals in the modern world and his work infuse rationalised and myriad perspectives and also used ancient traditions and forms in the contemporary context.

Ratan Thiyam said that his book ‘Mangkhraba Sahargee Loikhraba Wari’ contains reflections on his experiences in life, the contemporary world, the historical background of the state, and the aesthetic qualities of the state.

He said that though he is not a professional writer he has the urge to write and expresses his thoughts through his book.

He further added that he hopes to contribute for the development of the state and its language through his writing.




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