Relief camp opened for Majorkhul fire victims


IMPHAL, June 24: The Majorkhul Society and the Hindustan Samaj (Kalibari) have opened a relief camp for the victims of Wednesday’s devastating fire at Majorkhul which affected fifteen households.

The camp has been opened at the Majorkhul Community Centre.

A gas cylinder explosion inside a room rented by non-local had ignited a series of cylinder blasts which resulted in the devastating fire. Two persons were injured and eight houses were damaged during the inferno, which took around three hours for the firetenders to bring under control.

Basic amenitied like food, clean water, toilet facilities to 150 non locals who had entered the camp, said Hindustan Samaj (Kalibari) vice president Madan Singh.

Imphal Municipal Council, vice president Thambaljao Phaomei said local MLA Joy Kishan came and donated Rs One lakh, while assuring to assert the Chief Minister to provide financial assistance to the bereaved families.

Transporters and Drivers’ Council donated Rs one lakh, Jotin Waikhom Congress candidate in Thangmeiband Constituency in the last State Assembly election donated Rs 10000, Nirmalabas School Rs 5000, mata Transport manager donated Rs 20,000, he said.

Several others have also extended help both in kind and cash, he said.

Community member MK Kabui lamented dissatisfaction and unhappiness towards the Manipur Fire Service for failing to respond with urgency during the devastating fire.

By the time, the fire tenders had arrived at the spot, almost 60 percent of the houses had already been damaged, he said before lamenting that half the property loss could have been saved if the department had shown some urgency.

He further appealed the government to take action against the concern authorities.

According to a list provided by the locals, the list of affected families of the fire are Gaikompu Phaomei, Gaithuilung Kamson, Manpi Golmei, Jenbung Gangmei, Poujaichung Gangmei, Anajon Gangmei, Rajani Palmei, Joy Golmei,

Abuina Golmei, Kalenchao Kamei, Adim Golmei, Abui Kamei, Agangpu Phaomei, Jenbung Phaomei, Engenchao Phaomei.



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