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Senior leaders file case against BJP president

IMPHAL, June 16: The rift in the BJP Manipur Pradesh has come to the fore after six senior members filed a case in the Manipur High Court seeking the ouster of Thounaojam Chaoba from the post of the party president. Leaders of the two groups have rushed to Delhi for lobbying against each other.

A highly placed source told IFP that the new president of the NDA government will be elected on or before June 17.

President Chaoba left Imphal on June 15 to lobby for the extension of his presidency period. On the other hand, the dissident group of senior leaders opposing Chaoba has also left Imphal for Delhi on Monday.

The six senior members filed a writ petition at the Manipur High Court against the dictatorial leadership of BJP Manipur Pradesh president Th Chaoba. Their writ petition mentioned that the person presently heading the BJP Manipur unit is bogus and has a tainted character, creating difficulties for the party.

“He has subverted the constitution of the BJP and has tainted the party’s leadership and the organization, and if he is not removed immediately, the members of the BJP Manipur unit are likely to show divisive and disruptive tendencies.”

“The corrupt cronies of Thounaojam Chaoba are not fit to manage the affairs of the BJP Manipur Unit. The cronies nominated and led by Chaoba have violated the constitution of the BJP registered under section 29A of the representation of the People Act, 1951.The present leadership has usurped the legitimate rights of the active members of the BJP, enshrined in its constitution, needing immediate interference of the High Court,” says the petition.

The petitioners have a good prima facie case and may get an interim order passed to suspend the illegal and unconstitutional state election committee of the BJP, Manipur, said the highly placed source.

The petitioners have requested the High Court to admit their writ petition and issue a rule nisi to the respondents and pass an order after studying the facts of the case to constitute the state election committee with executive members of the party under Article XXVII.

They have also seek a response from respondents to the show cause notice as to why a writ in the nature of certiorari should not be issued to remove the party hoppers and unscrupulous persons in the BJP Manipur unit to ensure that the BJP’s constitution is followed in letter and spirit.



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