ZB decides to pursue BRTF accident case further


TAMENGLONG, June 21(NNN): In connection with the BRTF truck accident killing seven persons in Tamenglong district on June 19 the Zeliangrong Baudi, Manipur has decided to pursue the case on behalf of the victims’ families until justice is delivered to the nearest kiths and kins, who died in the tragic accident. The Zelianngrong Baudi, Manipur then demanded that the victims should be fully compensated and medical re-imbursement should be made adequately to the injured victims.

While expressing its deepest condolence to the victims who died in the tragic accident the Zeliangrong Baudi said it was a sad moment for the Zeliangrong community.

According to the Zeliangrong Baudi, Manipur the accident took place when a fully sand loaded truck of BRTF taking along the labourers met accident while giving passage to the escort security vehicles plying on NH 37. “We share the grief and mourn with the bereaved family members and relatives in these hours of sorrow,” it added. The Zeliangrong body then expressed its gratitude to all the those persons involved in necessary arrangements and support in cash and kind during the condolence service.

Meanwhile, the Zeliangrong Baudi, Manipur said there were reckless drivers who sped away with their vehicles seeing the ill-fated BRTF truck plunging into the gorge 50 metres and expressed regret that they did not come to the rescue.

It then demanded the concerned authority to take up immediate action to track down those security vehicles which sped away from the accident scene. “Knowing very well that their vehicles were partly responsible for that accident, instead of carrying out rescue operations, their vehicles sped away leaving behind those victims,” the Zeliangrong Baudi noted.



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