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Aimol bodies seek eviction of land encroachers

IMPHAL, July 14: Several organisations of the Aimol tribe have threatened to imposed a 24-hour state wide general strike from 6 am of July 21 if their demands are not fulfilled before July 20.

The proposed agitation was announced by the general secretary of The Aimol Student’s Union Manipur, S Chunglalthang Aimol while speaking to the media on the sideline of a sit in protest held today at the Pallel bazaar waiting shed.

The sit in protest was jointly organised by the Student’s Union Manipur, Aimol Tribes Union Manipur and Aimol Meiwar (woman’s body).

The students’ body is demanding eviction against land encroachers along the 4l km stretch of Lingsikung road under Chandel district.

Further speaking to the media Chunglalthang revealed that the unions have sent several memorandums drawing the attention of the concerned authority however the government has remained indifferent to their demand.

He said that the unions have come to the decision to launch general strike as their last resort to ensure that their voice is heard.

If our demands are not met before July 20, we will impose a State-wide general strike from the next day, said Chunglalthang.

Moreover he also threatened to impose indefinite blockade along the Imphal-Moreh road as their next course of agitation.

The agitation will be supported by Organisation for Movement of Indigenous People of Manipur and Student League Manipur. The two groups also participated in today’s protest.




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