BJP discussion proposes world class status for announced Sports university


IMPHAL, July 27: BJP, Manipur Pradesh today organised a public discussion on the proposed setting up of a Sport University in the State, at the Sangai hall, Imphal Hotel.

The discussion was participated by several renowned sports persons and others placed their concepts for the establishment of a world class Sports University in the State.

Delivering the key-note address, the BJP State unit general secretary administration Ashwanikumar said a long cherished dream of the party for which actions had been initiated since September, 2013 to have a Sports University in the State is about to be realised.

He continued that the Rajnath Singh who was the BJP national president had chaired a two day brainstorming seminar on the issues confronting the North East India at Guwahati.

The remedial measures for the problems of the region were brought up during the seminar, he said.

The vision document was later included in the national manifesto of the party for the recently concluded 2014 Lok Sabha poll, he continued.

It was then reflected in the first budget of the NDA government to establish a world class Sports University, he said.

Now that the dream is about to be realised, the BJP Manipur Pradesh is seeking political wisdom of the Manipur public, Ashwanikumar said.

BJP State president, Th Chaoba said the discussion aims to propose introduction of indigenous games like thang-ta, mukna in the university before the Central government.

RK Ranendrajit said what type of a university it should be.

He continued, the university should be named after a hero of the State.

He further expressed his desire to introduce educational facility in the university citing that national and international players from the State seem to have problems while interacting with the outside media due to language problem.

The proposal should be for a much better university existing anywhere else in the world in terms of equipment, infrastructure, he said.

The Central government has the political will, and now the State should have the political wisdom to make the university world class, he said.

Later, the discussion took some concrete resolution to propose to the Centre for a world class sports university and that the name should be in one of the brave heroes of the State, that a special act regarding the university should be passed in the Parliament, and that the university should be autonomous under the Ministry of Sports and Affair and not under the UGC.

The discussion had also resolved to demand that the university should not be lesser than the Beijing Sports University.

The resolutions were aimed at producing more Olympians from the State.

The day-long discussion was also attended by former Speaker H Borbabu, Ranendrajit, Loken as presidium members.


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