CCpur farmers repairs Khuga Dam’s right canal


LAMKA, July 16: Reacting to the concerned department’s neglect, even after the JAC formed in connection with the Khuga Dam had highlighted the collapse of the right side canal of the dam, farmers under the Farmers’ Lup, a local organisation have taken unto themselves to repair the canal.

Farmers turn up in large numbers to repair the canal yesterday as the department has chosen to turn a blind eye.

The farmers affected most by the collapse of the canal including from the areas of Mata and Mualkot villages took the initiative to repair the canal temporary basis as it is already time for them to sow their crops.

More than 30 farmers turn up around 10am yesterday and completed the repairing work around 2.30pm.

The local MDC S Minboi Vaiphei and special contractor T Kaigou contributed six pipes each of 200mm for the repairing work, while, another special contractor Tinkholal provided his truck for the transportation of the pipes.

The farmers also placed sand filled bags to embank the pipes of canal.

The constant collapse of the canal had affected the farmers in making their livelihood.

Although the canal had collapsed on July 11, the department has failed to make any effort to repair it, lamented a local.



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