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‘Congress trouble is familiy matter’

IMPHAL, July 7: Government spokesperson and CAF&PD Minister, M Okendro, has clarified that the reports doing the rounds in local dailies with regards to 32 Congress MLAs revolting for reshuffle, was nothing but family matters of the congress.

M Okendro stated this while briefing media persons this evening on the discussions during today’s cabinet meeting.

He contended that the report suggesting a storm brewing within the Congress family has been exaggerated by some of the news papers. However, he implicated that even if reshuffle was effected, it is likely to be minor.

Contradicting the report, highly reliable sources informed that as per the MoU signed on July 5 at the residence of Lamlai MLA, Ksh Biren, the 32 dissident MLAs has geared kick start campaigning for its demands shortly.




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