Customers suffer as cargo carriers prefer betel leaves over other items


IMPHAL, July 10: Courier services operating in the State are facing a hard time over the past few days due to delays in arrival of their cargoes.

The courier offices are also receiving several complaints from the customers over the delay.

IFP conducted an independent investigation on the matter.

After visiting several courier offices in and around Imphal, it was learnt that the problem originated from Kolkata.

Since the past few days, cargo carriers had stopped loading other parcels at Kolkata to carry only betel leaf in bulk for unexplained reasons, informed a source.

The undesirable development has adversely affected small courier services that have been operating under call order (operating under a freight forwarder), in particular.

However, for courier service provider like ‘Overnight Express’ and similar groups having their direct link are operating normally.

Speaking to IFP, one of the staffs of Aramax, disclosed that they have stop receiving their cargoes since July 3.

Aramax courier service is under call order of Pushpak Freight Solution, Thangal Bazaar. At the same time, the Flyking courier service, informed that they are also facing the same problem and had stopped receiving their cargoes since the past few days.

The motive behind the sudden change in interest on the part of the freight forwarders is yet to be clear but speculation is doing the round that the betel leaf traders had made lucrative offers to them (freight forwarder).

While the freight forwarders are devouring their profit, the aggrieved courier services are having a hard time mitigating the circumstance to the customers, sources said.

It has been informed that customers are pouring their anger on them (courier services) for the delay are jeopardising their important schedules especially those who are awaiting appointment letters, admission matters etc.



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