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Four members join discussion, as House passes six demands

IMPHAL, July 22: The Manipur Legislative Assembly today passed a total sum of Rs 1310,68,91,000 for various six demands of various government departments.

Speaker Th Lokeshwar Singh took up discussion and voting on demands for grants, 2014-15 as the third business of the House today.

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh who is also the leader of the House and the Finance minister tabled the amount for six different demands to be discussed and passed by the House.

The demands which were tabled by the leader of the House are Demand No 9 for Rs 5,40,56,000 for Information and Publicity, Demand No 10 for Rs 1062,73,97,000 for Education, Demand No 17 for Rs 189,06,05,000 for Agriculture, Demand No 27 for Rs 15,85,07,000 for Election, Demand No 37 for Rs 32,70,55,000 for Fisheries and Demand No 42 for Rs 4,92,71,000 for State Academy of Training.

Discussions on the demands were participated by only four MLAs of the 60-member House, namely AITC MLAs Dr I Ibohalbi Singh, Th Shyamkumar, Kh Joykishan Singh and Th Biswajit Singh.

During discussion on the Demand no 10 for Education, the four raised motions for disapproval of policy cut on the account of failure to streamline the standard education system in the State, failure to regularise ad-hoc graduate teachers, who were discontinued from their services in 2007, failure to repair and construct class rooms in high schools and primary schools, failure of transfer and posting policy in the department, incomplete infrastructure under SSA/ RMSA and failure to implement SSA and PMSA schemes as per ministry of Human Resources guidelines.

During discussion on Demand no 17 for Agriculture, MLAs Dr I Ibohalbi Singh and Th Biswajit Singh raised motions for disapproval of policy cuts.

The two had raised their motions on account of failure to adopt State specific agricultural policy and imporper management of temporary marketing system for agricultural products.

Ibohalbi had further raised a motion for disapproval of policy cuts during the discussion of Demand no 37 for Fisheries on account of inability of the department to have a policy for production of self-sufficient fish in the State.

However, the cut motions were withdrawn after the concerned ministers aided by the leader of the House Chief Minister Okram Ibobi provided clarifications and assurances



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