Government will not tolerate criminal activities of UGs: Chief Minister


IMPHAL, July 14: Sending out a loud and clear message against underground groups breaching ground rules and committing crimes, Chief Minister Okram Ibobi has said that the government will not tolerate violence.

The Chief Minister was responding to a call for an amendment to the motion of thanks raised by Opposition leader, Dr I Ibohalbi and MLA Samuel Risom during today’s sitting of the 8th session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

A motion of thanks for discussion on the Governor’s Address was moved by MLA T Mangibabu Singh and MLA Y Surchandra Singh on February 24, 2014, the discussion of which was held today.

The motion was approved by the House unanimously after the MLAs who raised the call for amendment withdrew.

Taking serious note of the series of crimes committed by armed groups including the killing of an Ukhrul ADC member, ambush on other elected representatives and continuous bomb attacks and threats to officials, the Chief Minister divulged that the people now understand the full sinister implications of ideologies or objectives of militant groups even if they don’t raised their voices.

We are all law abiding citizens of India, underscored the Chief Minister.

But, if they continue to take laws into their own hands, the government have no choice but to act, he continued.

Narrowing down to Dr Ibohalbi’s concerned on the seriousness of the crimes committed by the NSCN-IM totally disregarding the grounds rules despite being in peace talks with Government of India he asked rhetorically “We are hoping and praying that a solution be brought to the Naga political problem but if they persist on committing crimes where else can it lead to?”

Further, while referring to the killing of the Ukhrul ADC member, who is a people’s representative, he termed the act to be beyond limits and went on to say that the government will not tolerate anymore.

He exhorted that it is high time to stand up against such anti-social activities in unison irrespective of hill or valley groups.

Meanwhile, giving his clarification on other issues raised by the MLAs, the Chief Minister assured to amend the State AIDS policy to ensure that it is made more effective.

Coming to the State boundary issue, the Chief Minister said that although there are no concerned of boundary encroachment from the other neighbouring States, the fencing has been put on hold until as resurvey is conducted as per the aspiration of the people.

If the need arises, the government is always ready for a joint venture cutting across political affiliation of ideology as was done in the pass, he continued.

The Chief Minister also assured to look upon various issues raised by the MLAs including the devolution of powers to the panchayat, water management and ascertaining the shortcomings on the part of the government in addressing some issues in the hills.

Moving his motion, Dr Ibohalbi mentioned that the Governor’s Address failed to mention about the issues faced by the public including law and order, drugs etc.

On the other hand, MLA Samuel Risom mentioned that the address fails to mention about the measures put to check rampant conversion of hill villages into valleys and the policy to increased funds allocation for the hill areas.



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