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“Hospitals are money making machines for doctors”

Imphal, July 28: Hospitals in the State have become money generating machines for many doctors, while the patients have become their commodities, observed MLA L Ibomcha moving a calling attention motion on the increase of conflicts between members of public and health care providers in the State, today.

Ibomcha further said that there are many doctors who are working in private hospitals while they are actually supposed to be serving in Government hospitals.

It is a serious matter, he said, adding that in order to make profit, doctors make patients undergo unnecessary clinical tests at the private centers, even though the government hospitals are equipped with the laboratory facilities.

Ibomcha said there is a need to appoint a welfare officer who can advise the patient parties about the cost involvement and other clinical testing required for a particular treatment.

He continued that some hospitals are running without specialist doctors, and this could be one reason for the tensions between these hospitals and patient parties.

He suggested that hospitals must be categorised on the availability of experts.

The State government should also check the irregularity on certification of pharmacist, he said.

In his clarification, the concerned Minister of Health Phungjathang Tongsing said that it is true that government doctors are practicing in the private hospital as well.

We have surveyed the private hospitals and government hospitals on the matter. We hope that from next year, the government can implement strict regulation on it.

We have installed Ultra Sound machines and baby warmers etc recently at every government hospitals, he said.

That government doctors are referring thier patients for testing or diagnoses to private clinics is also true, he said.

Recently, a doctor was suspended for such practice and suspension of five more doctors on similar grounds are under process, he said.

We will look into the matter deeply after the Session and a drive will be taken out to find out the unauthorised certification of Pharmacies both in the hills and valley with the help of police, said Phungjathang.



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